The Best Inline Water Filter
in the World

Pure and Simple

The CL-Series

Though the basic configuration of the CL-Series hasn't changed in over 25 years, it incorporates the design innovations that have made OMNIPURE the leader in the inline filtration industry. customers have come to rely on this simple but dependable inline filter for a variety of uses - ice machines, water coolers, drinking fountains, as well as under-the-sink and as components in reverse osmosis systems. You will find a use for this filter in virtually any situation where "better tasting water" is important.
Superior engineering and production techniques are the keys to the success of the CL-Series. For instance, each filter utilizes a unique spring disc that keeps media under ideal pressure, eliminating channeling and ensuring an equal distance linear path. Furthermore, no glues or binders that may cause contamination are used in the manufacturing proccess. Instead, components are friction-welded together, producing a reliable, no-leak seal. And finally, all threaded connections are precision cut by machine which results in the most accurate and repeatable thread possible.
The CL-Series is available with a number of high-quality media options including Granulated Activated Carbon, Hexametaphosphate, Ion Exchange Resin, Polypropylene and others. Each of these media offer specific solutions to filtration problems.
The CL-Series - a tried and true product that remains a vital part of our business and one of the many reasons why OMNIPURE filters are...
The best inline filters in the world... Pure and Simple

Specification table for the CL Series of inline filters

Cu Inch
Service Life
Gal. or 1 Yr.
Degree of
Pipe Size
Taste and odor removal
Specifically designed for
R.O. or distillation units.
Granular activated carbon.
CL6RO T33 6" 8.3 1000 5 micron 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 1
CL10RO T33 10" 16.6 1500 5 micron 1/8, 1/4, 3/8 1

Every Omnipure Filter undergoes rigorous testing and independant verification for performance. Each filter is rated at .5 gpm with a maximum pressure 125 psi and a maximum temperature of 100°F. Every cartridge element is rated at 1.0 gpm. Omnipure products have been tested and listed under Standard 42 for taste, odor and chlorine reduction; or particulate reduction; or have been materials certified. All filters should be installed on cold water lines only.

NOTE: Activated carbon filters are not intended to be used where the water is microbiologically unsafe or with water of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the unit.